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Gulf Coast Storm Center was founded by Caleb Carmichael in mid-2014 under the name “Gulf Coast Weather Center” with the goal of providing weather updates, news and analysis for the Gulf Coast region. Initially, the number of followers was low, but quickly grew to roughly 30,000 in the summer of 2014. Taylor Weiss – founder and owner of DFW Storm Watch -- also joined Gulf Coast Weather Center.
The following year (2015) was big for Gulf Coast Weather Center. It was decided that a website was needed to fully accomplish the goal of providing information on high impact weather events for the Gulf Coast region. So, in January the domain gulfcoastweathercenter.com was acquired, becoming the official home on the web for Gulf Coast Weather Center, where updates regarding hurricanes, severe weather and winter weather were published. Two partnerships were also formed; one with Daimien's Gulf Coast Atlantic/Pacific Hurricane Tracking Center and another with First Choice Weather.
Gulf Coast Weather Center continued to grow throughout 2015, covering several severe weather events during the spring and following fall and winter, and Tropical Storm Bill in June. Then, in late 2015, Gulf Coast Weather Center merged with Gulf Coast Weather Centre (which had the same mission) and expanded to other social media platforms.
In 2016, Gulf Coast Weather Center grew even more, covering the widespread, devastating flooding that took place in Louisiana, and Hurricane Mathew – the first category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic since Hurricane Felix in 2007.
During the summer of 2016, Gulf Coast Weather Center was rebranded to Gulf Coast Storm Center. This included a move to gulfcoaststormcenter.com. A new team member – Meteorologist Sam Rikard – also joined Gulf Coast Storm Center in later in the year.
Gulf Coast Storm Center approached 200,000 followers on Facebook by fall of 2017. This growth was mostly a result of our coverage extensive Hurricane Harvey coverage, and coverage of Hurricane Irma. A new team member -- Denver Murray, owner of Virginia Weather Network -- joined the GCSC team in August and contributed greatly to our Harvey coverage.
In January 2018, the 200,000-follower mark on Facebook was crossed after an advisory map that was posted went viral.  We also extensively covered what was a fairly active hurricane season for the Gulf Coast, with Alberto, Gordon and Michael all making landfall in the same general area.
In May of 2019, a premium weather subscription service tailored to the Gulf Coast was launched. A LLC was also formed, making Gulf Coast Storm Center, LLC, and allowing Gulf Coast Storm Center to be recognized as an actual entity..
Today Gulf Coast Storm Center is still working to provide accurate, hype-free weather updates, news and analysis for the Gulf Coast region.