Pensacola WX: Enhanced Risk for Severe Weather Tomorrow

The Storm Prediction Center has introduced an enhanced (level 3 out of 5) risk for severe weather for the entire area tomorrow.

At this time it is expected that a squall line or broken line of storms will move through the area tomorrow night along/ahead of a cold front. Some supercells will also be possible out ahead of and/or embedded in the squall line/band of storms.

Kinematics (wind shear) will be favorable for organized severe storms. However, an initially stable boundary layer, which is the layer of the atmosphere directly in contact with the surface, could limit instability and thus the overall potential for severe weather.

Timing looks to be between midnight and 6 AM CST Wednesday.

HRRR simulated radar reflectivity for 5 AM CST Wednesday, January 25, 2023 showing a line of storms moving across the area.

All severe hazards (tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail) will be possible with tornadoes and damaging wind gusts being the primary threats. There is a conditional risk for a few strong tornadoes.

In addition to the severe weather threat, strong non-thunderstorm winds will be likely tomorrow night due to the presence of a strong low-level jet streak (an area of strong winds aloft). Some of the stronger winds aloft could mix down to the surface and result in sustained winds up to 40 mph and gusts up to 45 to 50 mph.

Caleb Carmichael
Caleb Carmichael

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