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March Likely to Come in Like a Lion

EPS predicted 850 millibar temperature anomalies for March 00z March 7th. (Tropical Tidbits)

It still looks like we are going to turn much colder going into March.

Both the EPS and GEFS continue to suggest that we are going to have predominantly lower heights across the eastern two-thirds of the country by the March 4th – 6th time-frame. This would be a major change from the past few weeks. This change looks to be because of the -PNA weakening and the East Pacific Oscillation (EPO) staying in negative territory.

With both the EPS and GEFS are in agreement on a pattern flip, it is likely to come to pass. This means March will probably come in like a lion, as the pattern shown favors cold, continental polar air spilling south out of Canada.

The operational ECMWF continues to show a push of cold, arctic air, but has pushed the timing back a tad.

Looking at the latest 8 – 14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, below-average temperatures continue to be favored for a large chunk of the continental United States from the 4th – 10th of March.

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