Special Tropical Weather Outlook Issued for 97L; Tropical Depression Could Form Tonight or Tomorrow

Figure 1. Special 5-day graphical tropical weather outlook for 97L.

A special tropical weather outlook has been issued for Invest 97L.

Satellite images this morning suggested that 97L had a closed center of circulation — something the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is now acknowledging. If more 97L can develop more persistent convection near the center, we will likely have a tropical depression (TD). This will be hard to accomplish due to strong upper-level winds (shear) and mid-level dry air, however.

In the special tropical weather outlook issued at 4:20 PM EDT, the NHC placed the odds of 97L developing at 40% over both the next 2 and 5 days. They noted, “a tropical depression could form later tonight or Saturday.”

If 97L does manage to become a tropical cyclone, it will be short-lived, with dissipation still likely before the Lesser Antilles.

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