Tropical Update | Subtropical Storm Debby Forms

Figure 1. Visible satellite image of Subtropical Storm Debby.

A non-tropical area of low pressure (Invest 97-l) that the National Hurricane Center has been monitoring over the North Atlantic for the past few has managed to develop into a subtropical cyclone, and is now Subtropical Storm (STS) Debby.

Intensity forecast: As of the 11 AM EST advisory, STS Debb  had max sustained of only 40 MPH with a minimum central pressure of 1008 millibars. There is some potential for Debby to transition to a tropical cyclone. However, little to no strengthening is expected, and Debby should dissipate within the next 48 hours due to increasingly cool sea surface temperatures (SST).

Figure 2. Forecast track for Debby.

Track forecast: Debby is tracking north, and will turn to the northeast tomorrow. There is no threat to any land masses.

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