Hard Freeze Tonight; Rain, Potential for a Few Storms Returns This Weekend

Another hard freeze — and the final of this brutal cold snap — is going to impact most of the region tonight, with the exception being the Texas Gulf Coast and sections of the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Rain: Dry conditions will continue through into the first half of the weekend. However, rain and the potential for a few storms will return to the late late Sunday into Monday, as a shortwave and associated surface low will move through.

Tonight: Lows will only drop into the mid 30s to lower 40s along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Graphic from National Weather Service Mobile regarding the hard freeze overnight/tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, the North-Central Gulf Coast, North and Central Louisiana, Central and South Mississippi and Alabama, and the Western Florida Panhandle will experience a hard freeze, with low temperatures in the teens to lower to mid twenties. Hard Freeze Warnings are in effect.

Tomorrow: A warming trend that began across the Texas Gulf Coast mid-week will continue. Highs will range from the lower to mid 60s along the lower Texas Gulf Coast, mid 50s to lower 60s along the mid and upper Texas Gulf Coast.

Temperatures will also begin to modify some across Louisiana, with high temperatures expected to range from the upper 40s to lower 50s.

High temperatures will still be in the upper 40s to lower 50s along the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coasts, and coastal sections of the Western Florida Panhandle. Mid 40s to upper 40s can be expected across Central and South Mississippi and Alabama.

Forecast minimum temperatures tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night, lows will bottom out in the 20s across North Louisiana, parts of Central and South Louisiana, South and Central Mississippi and Alabama, the Western Florida Panhandle, and sections of the North-Central Gulf Coast; and 40s along much of the Texas Gulf Coast.

This weekend: The warming trend will continue, and spread into the remainder of the region.

Forecast high temperatures Saturday.

On Saturday, highs in the mid to lower 60s can be expected along the North-Central Gulf Coast, South and Central Louisiana, and the Western Florida Panhandle; lower to upper 60s along the Texas Gulf Coast; and upper 40s to lower 50s across North Louisiana and Central and South Mississippi and Alabama.

Sunday, highs will max out in the 50s and 60s along the North-Central Gulf Coast, the Western Florida Panhandle, and South Louisiana; 70s along the Texas Gulf Coast; and upper 40s to mid 60s across North Louisiana and South and Central Mississippi.

Overnight temperatures in the 50s look likely along the Texas Gulf Coast Saturday night, with the 20s and 30s elsewhere. Sunday night, lows in the 40s and 50s are likely for the entire region.

Next Week: Average to slightly above average temperatures look likely through at least mid-week next week. We will have more details on next week’s weather later.


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