Invest 90-L in Southwest Caribbean Poised to Develop

Invest 90-L located in the Southwest Caribbean appears poised to develop as early as tonight or tomorrow.

A United States Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft investigated invest 90-L earlier this afternoon and found a well defined circulation and. However, as of the 7:00pm EST tropical weather outlook, 90-L still  lacked organized , deep thunderstorm activity. If 90-L can develop organized, deep thunderstorm activity tonight or sometime tomorrow it will be upgraded to Tropical Depression 16 or Tropical Storm Otto.



At this time the chance of 90-L developing is high, as it is located in a relatively favorable environment for development, with light to moderate wind shear, warm sea surface temperatures, and plenty of moisture.

Officially, in their 7:00pm EST tropical weather outlook, the National Hurricane Center gave invest 90-l a high chance (80%) of developing over the next 2 days and a high chance (90%) of developing over the next 5 days.

If 90-L manages to develop, it won’t threaten the Northern Gulf Coast or the United States, and will most likely make landfall in Nicaragua later this week.


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