TROPICAL UPDATE: Tracking Ian, Lisa, and a new Tropical Wave

We currently have Tropical Depression Ian and Tropical Storm Lisa out in the Atlantic and a new tropical wave off of the coast of Africa.

Ian and Lisa

Tropical Depression Ian and Tropical Storm Lisa do not pose a threat to the United States; although, Ian could pose a threat to Bermuda.

African Wave

We have a new tropical wave off of Africa that is nothing to be concerned about yet, but it does bear watching.

The GFS, ECMWF, UKMET, and most of the GFS ensemble members develop this wave early next week about midway between the Eastern Caribbean and the Coast of Africa; and unlike Ian and Lisa, they indicate that it could track fairly far west.
The National Hurricane Center gave the wave a 20% chance of developing over the next five days in their 2:00PM EDT tropical weather outlook.

Potential Gulf Development Next Week

A strong front is expected to drop down into Texas on Monday, possibly becoming stationary over the Western Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday. If this occurs there is a slight chance that a tropical depression of storm could develop over Western Gulf sometime during the middle to end of next week.

However, the odds of development actually occurring in the Western Gulf next week appear low at this time.

We will have a full update out tomorrow regarding both the tropical wave and potential Gulf of Mexico development next week.