Brief Update on Invest 93L

00z track guidance for invest 93-L
00z track guidance for invest 93-L

Invest 93-L is still located over the Northwest Caribbean this evening and an area of low pressure has developed in association with it. Invest 93-L is currently moving to the Northwest, has winds of 35mph, and a minimum pressure of 1007 millibars.

As of their 8:00pm EDT tropical weather outlook the National Hurricane Center is now giving 93-L an 80% chance of developing over the next 48 and 120 hours.

Model guidance: Model guidance has remained fairly consistent today in forecasting landfall to occur somewhere within the big bend area of Florida on Tuesday. however, the guidance has been shifting to the north and west throughout the day today; but, it is important to note that right now 93-l is still broad and has multiple low level circulations within it. So, until we have a definite center model will continue to shift around.

The guidance is also in reasonable agreement on intensity. They are forecasting 93-L to strengthen into a moderate tropical storm on Tuesday with max sustained winds of 45 – 55mph before landfall.

 Forecast for 93-L through tomorrow 93-L should continue to move Northwest tonight and emerge in the Southern Gulf of Mexico just North of the Yucatan Peninsula tomorrow where it could potentially develop into a tropical storm as early as tomorrow evening.

We will have a full update on 93-L out tomorrow. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for future updates. You should also monitor the latest updates from the National Hurricane Center.