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Turning Active After Christmas

Figure 1. Outlook from NWS Houston for Wednesday, the 26th.

Mostly tranquil weather is expected from Texas to the Florida Panhandle for Christmas. However, toward the middle to latter half of next week, things will become active.

During the Wednesday-Friday time frame, a storm system is expected to eject out of the Plains and into the Great Lakes; this will send a trailing front south. Gulf Moisture will be drawn north, leading to widespread heavy rain/storms. There also appears to be some threat for flash flooding along the north-central Gulf Coast, as the front is expected to slow/stall Friday into the weekend.

Figure 2. 7-day quantitative precipitation forecast | Credit: Pivotal Weather

Currently, rainfall totals of 4 – 5″ are forecast from SE Louisiana to the western Florida Panhandle (see figure 2).

There will be some potential for at least a few strong/severe storms both Wednesday and Thursday. But the Storm Prediction Center has yet to highlight any risk areas.

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