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Tropical Storm Kirk has Formed

Invest 99L  has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Kirk (TS Kirk), skipping tropical depression status all together. Per the 11 AM EDT/AST advisory, Kirk was moving west at 14 mph with max sustained winds of 40 mph and a minimum central pressure of 1005 millibars. Track: TS Kirk will head generally westward… Continue reading

Tropical Update | Tropical Depression Eleven not a Threat; 99L Likely to Become a Tropical Depression Soon

Tropical Depression Eleven (TD 11) developed east of the Windward Islands and Lesser Antilles last night, but is not much of a threat. Meanwhile, Invest 99L is on the way to becoming Tropical Depression Twelve south of the Cabo Verde Islands. TD 11: As of the 5 AM EDT/AST advisory, max… Continue reading

Tropical Update | Tropical Depression Eleven Forms in East Atlantic

Invest 97L has been upgraded to Tropical Depression Eleven (TD 11). As of the 11 PM AST/EDT advisory, max sustained winds were 35 mph with a minimum central pressure of 1007 millibars. Movement was to the west-northwest at 6 mph. Track: TD 11 will track generally to the west-northwest through this… Continue reading

Special Tropical Weather Outlook Issued for 97L; Tropical Depression Could Form Tonight or Tomorrow

A special tropical weather outlook has been issued for Invest 97L. Satellite images this morning suggested that 97L had a closed center of circulation — something the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is now acknowledging. If more 97L can develop more persistent convection near the center, we will likely have a… Continue reading

Tropical Update | Invest 99L Tagged

There are still four systems being monitored for development across the Atlantic Basin: Invests 97L, 98L, and 99L, and a non-tropical area of low pressure that will soon form over the far North Atlantic between Bermuda and the Azores. Invest 99L: The wave being monitored over West Africa has emerged in… Continue reading

Tropical Update | Lull in Activity Short-Lived

The lull discussed in our previous post on the tropics looks to have been rather short-lived. We are now back to monitoring four areas of interest in the Atlantic Basin: Two invests (97lL and 98L), an area of low pressure that could develop about midway between Bermuda and the Azores… Continue reading

Tropical Update | Florence now a Tropical Depression; Remnants of Isaac Being Monitored for Redevelopment

Brief update on Florence: Florence  has weakened to a tropical depression storm, but continues to move slowly west across South Carolina, dumping more rain in North Carolina. A west-northwest/northwest movement should commence later this afternoon/tonight along with an increase in forward speed, and Florence should become a remnant low tomorrow. Remnants of… Continue reading

Wednesday Evening Update on Florence: Impacts to Begin in the Carolinas Tomorrow Morning

A bit of good news: there has been a notable but steady weakening trend with Florence throughout the day. Per the 11 PM EDT advisory, data from a reconnaissance aircraft shows that Florence is now a category 2 storm with max sustained winds of 110 mph. At least one possible… Continue reading

Tropical Update | Isaac Struggling; Kirk Could Develop in the Gulf

Tropical Storm Isaac has been struggling today. Track:  There have been no major adjustments to Isaac’s track; a generally west to west-northwest motion is still expected through this weekend. Isaac will pass through the Lesser Antilles tomorrow, and will move into the central/western Caribbean either Sunday. Beyond this weekend, Isaac’s track… Continue reading

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