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Michael is now a Major Hurricane

Michael is now a major category 3 hurricane. 4 PM CDT advisory info: Location: 26.0°N 86.4°W Moving: N at 12 mph Min pressure: 957 mb Max sustained: 120 mph       For future updates, follow us on social media:   Facebook    Twitter Instagram *Like Hurricane Central on Facebook* You can also have our latest website posts… Continue reading

Michael to make Landfall Tomorrow Between Destin and Apalachicola as a Major Hurricane

  Hurricane Michael is now a category 2, and will become a major, category 3 hurricane later today. Catastrophic impacts are likely for the northeast Gulf Coast. 7 AM CDT advisory info:  Location: 24.5°N 86.1°W Moving: NNW at 12 mph Min pressure: 968 mb Max sustained: 100 mph Analysis:  Michael continues to strengthen as… Continue reading

Michael Continues to Intensify; will make Landfall Wednesday as a Major Hurricane

Michael continues to intensify this evening, and will make landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday as a major hurricane. 10 PM CDT advisory info:  Location: 23.2°N 85.3°W Moving: N at 12 mph Min pressure: 970 mb Max sustained: 90 mph Analysis:  The overall structure of Michael has improved today, with an eye now… Continue reading

Michael now a Hurricane; Forecast to Become a Category 3

Michael is now a category 1 hurricane. 10 AM CDT advisory info:  Location: 21.2°N 84.9°W Moving: N at 7 mph Min pressure: 982 mb Max sustained: 75 mph The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center now calls for Michael to become a major, category 3 hurricane with 120 mph winds on Wednesday. See… Continue reading

TD-14 Upgraded to Tropical Storm Michael

Tropical Depression 14 has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Michael. 11:55 AM CDT special advisory info:  Location: 19.2°N 86.9°W Moving: N at 5 mph Min pressure: 1004 mb Max sustained: 40 mph A USAF hurricane hunter aircraft is en route, meaning we should get  better idea of the current intensity this in the next… Continue reading

PTC 14 now a Tropical Depression; Likely to Impact North-Central or Northeast Gulf Coast as a Hurricane

Potential Tropical Cyclone 14 is now a tropical depression (TD-14), and will become Tropical Storm Michael at some point today. 7 AM CDT advisory info:  Location: 18.9°N 86.8°W Moving: N at 3 mph Min pressure: 1004 mb Max sustained: 35 mph Analysis:  TD-14 is gradually organizing. Infrared satellite imagery shows that convection has increased… Continue reading

Advisories Initiated on Potential Tropical Cyclone 14; Likely to Become Tropical Storm Michael Tomorrow

Invest 91L has been upgraded to Potential Tropical Cyclone 14 (PTC 14). The first official forecast from the National Hurricane Center calls for landfall on Wednesday near Fort Walton Beach, FL as a strong tropical storm with 70 mph winds. However, there is low confidence in both the intensity and… Continue reading

Tropical Update: Invest 91L Getting More Organized

Analysis:  Data from CIMSS shows that the multiple areas of vorticity are beginning to congeal, meaning 91L is gradually getting more organized. However, shear is still hampering development (as expected), blowing convection to the east and preventing the “center” from closing off. Model guidance:  All of the reliable global model guidance… Continue reading

Tropical Update: Invest 91L Designated in Caribbean; Likely to Develop

The area of low pressure that we have been tracking in the Caribbean for the past several days has been designated Invest 91L. Per 18z best track data, 91L was located just off the coast of Honduras. Analysis:  Invest 91L, being part of a Central American Gyre (CAG), is currently… Continue reading

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