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Michael Makes Landfall

Michael has made landfall between Panama City and Mexico Beach as a category 4 hurricane. 1 PM CDT info:  Location: 30.0°N 85.5°W Moving: NNE at 14 mph Min pressure: 919 mb Max sustained: 155 mph Michael is the first category 4 hurricane to make landfall in the Florida Panhandle in record history. Hurricane conditions… Continue reading

Michael now a Category 4; Landfall will be Later Today near Panama City

  Michael is now a category 4 hurricane. 5 AM CDT info:  Location: 28.6°N 86.4°W Moving: N at 13 mph Min pressure: 937 mb Max sustained: 140 mph Additional strengthening can’t be ruled out before landfall. Michael now has potential to be the most intense tropical cyclone in recorded history for the FL Panhandle. For… Continue reading

Michael is now a Major Hurricane

Michael is now a major category 3 hurricane. 4 PM CDT advisory info: Location: 26.0°N 86.4°W Moving: N at 12 mph Min pressure: 957 mb Max sustained: 120 mph       For future updates, follow us on social media:   Facebook    Twitter Instagram *Like Hurricane Central on Facebook* You can also have our latest website posts… Continue reading

Michael now a Hurricane; Forecast to Become a Category 3

Michael is now a category 1 hurricane. 10 AM CDT advisory info:  Location: 21.2°N 84.9°W Moving: N at 7 mph Min pressure: 982 mb Max sustained: 75 mph The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center now calls for Michael to become a major, category 3 hurricane with 120 mph winds on Wednesday. See… Continue reading

TD-14 Upgraded to Tropical Storm Michael

Tropical Depression 14 has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Michael. 11:55 AM CDT special advisory info:  Location: 19.2°N 86.9°W Moving: N at 5 mph Min pressure: 1004 mb Max sustained: 40 mph A USAF hurricane hunter aircraft is en route, meaning we should get  better idea of the current intensity this in the next… Continue reading

8 AM EDT – Maria Makes Landfall in Puerto Rico

Maria made landfall in Southeast Puerto Rico about an hour ago as a strong category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 155mph, just shy of category 5 intensity. The slight weakening before landfall was due to an eyewall replacement cycle. ___ For future updates follow us on our social… Continue reading

3 PM EDT – Maria Strengthens into a Category 5 Again After Briefly Weakening Overnight

Maria weakened to a category 4 overnight after making devastating Dominica as a category 5, but strengthened into a category 5 again this morning, and has intensified further this afternoon. As of the 3 PM EDT intermediate advisory, Maria had maximum sustained winds of 165mph. a minimum central pressure of… Continue reading

8:30 PM EDT – Maria now a Category 5

Maria is now an extremely dangerous, potentially catastrophic category 5 hurricane (the second of the season) with maximum sustained winds of 160mph, and is currently hammering the small island of Dominica. Landfall will occur in Dominica within the hour. ___ For future updates follow us on our social media: Facebook… Continue reading

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